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Real Estate Law

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Real estate investments of foreign corporations in Germany from a tax perspective

The “brick crisis” in southern Europe, in addition to the increasing appreciation of real estate in Germany, is causing foreign investors to invest in real estate here. The following points examine the majority of such investments: foreign corporations that do not have any domestic business sites and are headquartered as well as managed from abroad.

1. The acquisition of real estate
The purchase of real estate in Germany must comply with German law (lex rei sitae). Special regulations in this context are that sales contracts must be notarized and that purchasers must be recorded as owners in the land registry. Domestic and foreign corporations are permitted to purchase real estate in Germany.

Real Estate Taxes
The sale of real estate through corporations is subject to real estate taxes in Germany. Both purchaser and … Read More »

Commercial Law

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The attorneys of Harnisch & Partner have years of experience in advising shareholders, managing directors, and corporations.

Our firm aims to assist companies with their legal concerns by recognizing and avoiding problems early on. The most effective and efficient way to resolve internal company disputes is through out-of-court settlement. However, we are certainly willing to represent you in court if a settlement is not possible due to contract reasons or because no amicable agreement can be reached.

Our firm specializes in the following practice areas:

- The termination of corporations – the redemption of shares or rather the expulsion of a shareholder

The dismissal of a shareholder is often the only way to get rid of an unpleasant and disruptive partner. Considering the consequences for the departing shareholder, termination should only be used as a last resort.

The option of expulsion must be included in … Read More »